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[PS4] Batman: Arkham VR (R1)
Rp 349.000
[PS4] Battlezone (R3/ENG)
Rp 639.000
[PS4] DriveClub VR (R3/ENG)
Rp 479.000
[PS4] Eagle Flight VR (R3/ENG)
Rp 449.000 Rp 349.000
[PS4] EVE: Valkyrie (R2)
Region 2/Europe
Rp 749.000
[PS4] Farpoint (R3/ENG)
Region 3/Asia
Rp 599.000
[PS4] Here They Lie (R2)
Region 2/Europe
Rp 339.000 Rp 239.000
[PS4] Loading Human: Chapter 1 (R1)
Rp 519.000 Rp 319.000
[PS4] Loading Human: Chapter 1 (R2)
Rp 489.000 Rp 289.000
[PS4] Moto Racer 4 (R2)
Region 2/Europe
Rp 459.000 Rp 359.000
[PS4] No Heroes Allowed! VR (R3/ENG)

Rp 50.000,- is DOWN PAYMENT price to lock your order.
Once we have confirm the final price, we will inform you via email with the pricing and also the product link for purchase!

Rp 50.000
[PS4] Summer Lesson : Miyamoto Hikari Edition (R3/ENG)

- Playstation VR Required
- Please be advised that all codes (DLC) will only work with PSN accounts from the same country (region)

Rp 659.000