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[XBOX ONE] Tomb Raider Definitive Edition (Limited Digipack Version)

Sale! [XBOX ONE] Tomb Raider Definitive Edition (Limited Digipack Version)  

[XBOX ONE] Tomb Raider Definitive Edition (Limited Digipack Version)

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Region 2/Europe





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Box contents
- Digipack Packaging
- Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Game
- Artbook


Tomb Raider reboots the classic series for a new generation, telling a new story of the young Lara Croft. This version of Lara is fresh from her studies and shipwrecked on a mysterious island when an archaeological expedition goes more than awry. What follows is an emotional tale of mystery, exploration and survival as Lara is forced to do what she must to stay alive against all odds.

The series’ classic action/adventure gameplay takes a more serious and cinematic tone this time around with massive open-world locations and dynamic weather conditions. On this island fraught with danger, you’ll face strange new enemies, hunt animals for food and overcome the pitfalls and perils of the island itself.

For long-term fans of the series, there are still plenty of tombs to raid as you discover the secrets of the island and ultimately take Lara from a sheltered girl to the strong, ass-kicking woman we all know. Plus, new multiplayer modes let you enjoy the island locations in a completely different way!


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